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Mar. 2nd, 2008



Michael Moon Not Moon But Baker

One of my favorite Secrest Boyfriends was Mike. He's a skinny freshman with black hair and no dress sense, and I think he's adorable. I followed him around for weeks, I learned his schedule, I walked next to him in the halls (silently, of course) and I told him I loved him from the other end of the hallway. It was true love. A secret relationship so secret that even he pretended he didn't know about it. Le sigh...

On to the awkward part. My friend told me his name,Michael Moon, and I had to break up with him the next day so she could watch. No big deal, I'd done it hundreds of times. Only the next day was my other friend Marie's birthday. So I made her a cake, as is tradition.

There was an extra slice of cake and we decided I should give it to Mike. So I walked over, put it on his tray and walked away. I thought I'd gotten away scot-free.

Then someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around. It was him! What to do? We could not speak to each other! SHould I ignore him? There was a silence as I looked wildly at him, remembering all I could before it ended...

"Why did you give me cake?" he asked.

"... um..." I gestured for one of my lunchmates to take over, they stared back at me. "I can't talk to you. It's not allowed. Well, now I have so I guess I should. Okay, here's the thing... we have to break up. It's not going to work out..."

He looked... confused.

I tried to fix it. "It's a game. You were my secret boyfriend and I followed you around, I guess I was kind of stalking you. But not in a creepy way. It's a game."

He looked... weirded out.

It wasn't enough! The word vomit kept coming! By this point I was standing, gesturing wildly as I tried to explain.

"So I kind of thought we could be, you know, friends after this, because I'm sure you're a nice kid. So I might talk to you again. Sometime."

I finally realized he'd been trying to edge away. I let him go. Mortification swept over me. I sat, placed my head a few inches above the table and let it drop. And again. And again.

I'm an idiot. Why couldn't I stop myself?!!? Things would have been fine, but it went so, so, so wrong.

After this I still felt attached to him because I'd fucked up so utterly. I continued to follow him about and stare. It was terrible.

Finally one day I was at a basketball game when my friend Morgan mentioned to me that Mike Moon was playing on the team. Now, I know my little Ex-SBF and he is no sports player. I told her as much but Morgan has known Mike Moon her whole life and that basketballer was clearly him.

Therefore-- Who the hell had I been dating?!?!

Turns out his name was Michael Baker and he just moved here. Now that I know his real name (and that he has a new girlfriend-- I don't blame him for moving on, clearly I didn't pay enough attention to him. Plus also I think I just wanted him for his body.) I have moved on.


Feb. 14th, 2008


Irene : Jasper; they fell in love didn't they? yes, they did.

Twilight references FTW haha!
Not actually my first sighting of the boy, but I've never really noticed him before.
We have Greek Lit together.
So he keeps sitting near me, and everyday I come into class and sit in the most random locations to test him haha
And he keeps sitting near me!
I noticed this the other day and that's why I started paying attention to him haha.

Well he's actually REALLY attractive, and it's odd I never noticed.
I'm gonna be honest with you girlies, NOT a fan of blond hair, and he's like a dirty blond.
It's nice though, a bit on the short side, i.e. it's just "boy" hair.
I mean it's not "army" hair, but it's not "PATTZ" hair either. >.<

He does however get bonus points for wearing a fitted sweater. <33
It was some maroon colour, but MY GOD THE BOY'S ARMS/SHOULDERS gujuhduyhe3h *iz ded*
The sweater was all tight around them and he was writing and flexed and just....*DED FOR REALZ*
He's really tall too, which=total love,
All in all I'm pretty head over heels for my new bf (y)

Feb. 11th, 2008


Edward Does Dallas

So Edward goes bye bye =(


Okay so I got to class, and with weird schedules and such I hadn't seen my boyfriend in ages or just very briefly *tear*
So I go and sit down in my usual spot.
And I'm busy doodling and writing a vampire story when Edward comes in.
He normally sits in the front, as in like 20 rows ahead of me, because he needs to hook up his laptop.
Today he sat the row in front of me.

Then he looked back, I smiled at him, and two seconds later he was sitting beside me....like surrounded by empty chairs...weird.
Smile......hair covers face, keep doodling...ignore his brilliant green eyes.
He smelled like heaven. 
Wore a long sleeved striped green/grey cashmere sweater, did wonders for eyes/hair.
Hair complete post sex disarray.

So we're just sitting there....and then it happened.......DEATH.
"Brock.".......*cue me waking from my daze of vampire sex* "Mhmmm, pardon?"......"I'm Brock." *cue crinkly smile*
*FUCKING SHIT, WHYYYYYY?!?!* "Oh, hey, Irene." *eyelash bat*
*insert 50 minutes of us arguing about Batman vs. Superman or something while professor lectures*

At the end of class.
"Well it was a pleasure meeting you Irene." *wink*
"Mhmm, yeah, see you around." *plotting break up*

So he starts heading for the door.
The class was pretty empty.
"Brock, hang on a sec." *dazzling smile*

We get outside and there's maybe 3 people around, now or never I think.
"Look, it's not working out, we have to break up. We're so different.
I need someone who's crazy about me."

He's confused for like 2 heartbeats. Then cue his very own dazzling smile...
He moves lightning fast and grabs my wrist as I'm about to turn away.
Obviously I stumble because I wasn't expecting this.
"NOOO, Please, just give me one last chance, ONE."
He shouted the end and people started paying us attention.

"Err...ummm...I can't..I'm in love with your best friend!"
I yank my hand from his grasp. "He understands me!"
We're pretty loud by this time and really into it LAWLZ
He punches the wall next and swears full volume.

Then we both just burst out laughing as people around us stare.
"God you're crazy, fancy getting a coffee?"
"Love to, but have class, raincheck?"
"Would be delighted, see ya Wednesday."


Don't cry for me Argentina though.
Already have a new one picked!

Jan. 28th, 2008



Harry Weasley- The Break Up

Sooo... Harry Weasley. It didn't last long.

Here I was discussing him with my friends in study hall, describing him and all and this kid leans over and goes-- "Are you talking about J**** J****?"

And I was like- DAMNIT!!!!JIBFILHILAFUHAFDkzdfbjkldfbjkdfzsbj./.,mzsfn

It happens.

So that day I saw him in the hall like always, and I went over and I was like, "Look, we have to break up." I tried to grab his arm and he jerked it away so I said, "I know it meant a lot to you but we can't keep going on like this, it's not healthy! I mean, we were in love, but lately you treat me like crap and you ignore me and I can't handle it anymore...[here I am getting pretty emotional and he just keeps walking away, I'm trying my best to keep up but his legs are so long...] I get it, you don't want to talk anymore. Alright. This is it. Goodbye."

He was pretty freaked out. He doen't come that way anymore in the mornings. :)




My friend is seriously threatening to ask his name.

Jan. 21st, 2008


I have named him

And by a landslide vote, his name Matt :D

Now for an explanation of how he got his name:

Second Sighting 1/17:
I saw him at my bus stop outside of my dorm, so he either lives in the residence hall next to me, or IN THE SAME ONE AS ME rejfalkdjfas;lkjf;kl~!!!!!!!!111elevenone

We rode the bus all the way to the quad, in which I was so busy switching between daydreaming and looking at him i missed my stop, WHICH HE GOT OFF ON fdslkfjslkfjalfkj. I shall follow him tomorrow if I see him again >:D

Third Sighting:
That same night at dinner, I SAW HIM AGAIN! I have now confirmed my beliefs that he lives in a residence hall near mine fkasjfdlkajfd. I told all my friends about him and pointed him out, resulting in like, 5 girls looking at him rather obviously and me turning red. They're excited by this idea of a secret boyfriend and really want to introduce me to him XD. I told them to please not tell me his name, and we unanimously decided that he looked like a Matt. A Matt Rivera to be more specific, cause he looks Columbian.

I want to see him on the bus tomorrow :D


Math Team Boy

I was at a high school math contest this weekend and I saw this guy from another school who I had noticed before, so he has become my secret-boyfriend-whom-I-only-see-once-a-month (because math contests are only so often). I haven't spoken a word to him, but this is what I know: 

He wears glasses, is tall (about 6 feet, probably), is asian, goes to a large school (judging by the size of the group he was with), works during math tests with his face very close to the paper (while I sit and stare at him/draw pictures), and wears an awesome green-and-black plaid (with bits of red) scarf in cold weather. He may also have a unsecret girlfriend, but I can't be sure. He talks to her a lot, though. Maybe she's just his sister *is hopeful*

I spent a few minutes gushing about him to my teammates, who first thought I was crazy but now have decided to play along. This is fun, and I look forward to seeing Math Team Boy again next month. Maybe I'll get a stalker picture on my phone for you all.

Jan. 19th, 2008


Edward : Irene



Sighting #4

His messy sexed up hair was back, it made me smile.
He was wearing a really quite nice buttoned down shirt in this checked pattern.
He looks like SEX ON LEGS in green.
His hair looked BRONZE in the light from the movie screen.
He's really quite a stud in the face.
He always had headphones in before class, music fan = love.

The jacket STILL MUST GO. *gag*
He looked sad today, so the gorgeous grin was gone.

We exchanged notes all period.
By the end I had made him smile again.
We held hands leaving the class, and he kissed my nose when we had to part.
We're having chinese and watching all the Star Wars this weekend.

Jan. 17th, 2008



Lauren: Harry Weasley

So there's this boy who I pass every morning before second period, and he's like the love child of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Literally. But he just got a haircut so he's much cuter, and sometimes he even wears glasses.

I love boys in glasses. Therefore, Harry Weasley shall be my secret boyfriend. Until death (or first names) do us part.

Oh yeah, and he's a gamer too. He wears shirts with the WOW logo, I'm impressed. AND, before we were dating he was at a game night my school sponsored and his Guitar Hero skills are those of a Rock God. Who knows if he's any good with an actual guitar, but he can play the game BEHIND HIS BACK. Yeah. Mighty good.


Edward : Irene

Obviously not his real name, but it's a reference to Edward Cullen in the Twilight series...XD

Sighting #1

He's in my Women and Cultural Change lecture this semester.
He was sitting a few rows in front of me, and I spent a good 20 minutes staring at the back of his head.
I was so fascinated by his hair.
It was just completely in disarray from behind.
He was so pale, and had this long neck without a single blemish.
He looked boyish and had gorgeous eyes.
His smile's mischevious. 
He was wearing a button down shirt.
He held the door open really long for me to walk through, we're practically married already!

His hair is this uninspired shade of brown, really quite a dull colour.
He put his coat on and the hood was lined with fur, like all the girls (I DONT) wear. :|

Sighting #2

So he has really lovely wrists.
And strong looking hands, long fingers.
He was wearing a really nice dressy sweater today, it was striped.

His hair wasn't quite as messy, it made me sad.
Still that same dull colour too.

Sighting #3
He had on such a lovely green sweater today, it made his hair look darker (!!!).
It stood up at all angles again at the back making me happy.
He was wearing hobo gloves without fingers, it made me smile.
He didn't talk to a soul in class, I like to think he's quiet too.

None really, except that FUG COAT THAT MAKES ME QUEASY. >.<


My first Secret Boyfriend :]

I saw him on the bus on the way to class. He's indeed very VERY cute. I already gushed about him to my bestest friends and now to you guys :]. On a campus od 40,000 people, i'm afraid i'll never see him again, but i vow too. everywhere i go, i look for him :]. i saw him on the bus on tuesday on the way to my math lecture, maybe i'll see him next Tuesday as well :]

I caught his eye and smiled.

Jan. 12th, 2008

ghost world


(no subject)

i've read the rules and all the posts but i still really don't understand this game!
it looks hilarious though. i'll play :)

Jan. 4th, 2008



The Break Up

Well. Turns out Scottish was more interesting to watch than to break up with. I held up my end of the deal, I was the picture of secret girlfriend. Scottish on the otherhand was simply sad.

M: Look, this isn't working out. I'm breaking up with you.
S: What?
M: I said, we're breaking up. We're just not going in the same direction in our lives, you know?
S: I don't know what's going on.
M: I think we could still be friends though.
S: I don't even know you.
[Here is where Scottish's friend Connor comes to the rescue.]
C: She's breaking up with you dude!
S: But I don't know her!
C: At least she's being cool about it. Don't cry.

So... Connor made it worthwhile. Later I asked him how Scottish was holding up and Connor said he cried all period. I'm glad he protected my feelings.

It's all a bit anti-climatic, I know. Sorry.

Jan. 3rd, 2008



The Name

Well. Today I found out his name.

Josh. (Awkwardly random fact: that's my real boyfriend's name.)

So, tomorrow during lunch I'm going to break up with him. I'm not sure what mood I'm going to go for, I think I'll let it be organic. Although I'm open to suggestion.

Jan. 2nd, 2008




Back to school today and!!!

Scottish Update:
-Those shoes are still so damn white.
-He was standing right behind me as we got off the bus. *swoon*

I must find out more about him! Tonight I will ask one of his friends to tell me stuff about him. :)

(P.S. Come on guys, get out there and play! There are plenty of men for all of us!)

Dec. 25th, 2007



Lauren: Scottish

Hello All, I thought I'd start things off!

 I've been playing for three years now, and I've had some spectacular break-ups. I also have a current Secret Boyfriend--


What I Know About Scottish:

-He rides my bus.
-He lives on the corner of the next block of my development. (aka- we live in Bolivar, but I live on a different street.) (AKA- We live really close together)
-He sits three seats behind me.
-He's from Scotland.
-He's a freshman.
-His sister and my sister are friends.
-He and my friend Sean were on the soccer team together.
-He's in my lunch.
-He's just a little shorter than me.
-He has a soccer warm-up with his last name printed on it. I studiously don't look at it. It's hard work.

On the bus the other day I sat across from him. It was awkward because there has hardly anyone on, so it was obvious I sat near him. But I sat in front first, so I had to move to get across from him. It was all very obtuse but worth it. It's love.

He wears nice pants. They looked expensive, I could tell because they were a little ripped in the thigh region. That and his shoes are blindingly white, despite the fact he lives in Central New York and it's slushy outside. He is amazing. Clearly his mom lives to bleach things.

This morning Scottish sat next to me on the bus. On purpose. He usually sits in the back. I don't know what this means. I struggle to discover his message, but am distracted by HIS SHOES!!!! They are still so WHITE! It's amazing.

This is a picture of him:

He's sitting in my bus seat. My sister took the picture covertly.

I'm on break right now though, so I can't see him for a while. I'm considering walking past his house a few times if the weather gets nicer.


Welcome to the Secret Boyfriend Community!

Welcome everybody! :) I'm Kaitlyn(piperdoodles), and I'm one of the maintainers who will be running this community, along with Lauren (sweet_peas3636). She was the original one who spread Secret Boyfriend to me and all of my friends, and together we hope to spread the fun of Secret Boyfriend to you. We both really hope that this community will be a way for people to just have fun and share stories, all relating to the crazy situations that arise from the game Secret Boyfriend. You can find the rules to this game on this community's user info page. :) Just comment on the entries by Lauren or I if you have any questions about anything! :D We hope everyone has as much fun with this as we do. Post anything you want, from the color of your SBF's shirt to a detailed story. Keep us all updated! Have fun and welcome!!!